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Humantay Lake

Humantay Lake

Humantay Lake, Cusco, Peru

When visiting Peru, taking a journey to see Humantay Lake in Cusco is guaranteed to help make your trip absolutely unforgettable. Located at 4200 meters in altitude in the Andes, the only way to see this incredible beauty is by braving the hike to it. Where Is Laguna Humantay? Peru is a country rich with culture and natural beauty. Known for the advanced civilization of the Inca, and the many breath-taking destinations both man-made and natural. One of the best examples of natural beauty is Humantay Lake, which is a few hours drive and a short (but steep) hike away from the city of Cusco. Humantay Lake is in a region of Peru that is extremely rich in Inca history. Sitting right off of the Salkantay glacier and close to the Inca Trail, Humantay Lake can only be accessed via hiking. The Salkantay Trail runs between mountains Salkantay and Humantay, which are a part of the Vilcabamba mountain range several hours outside of Cusco. The water in the lake offers one of the most spectacular natural colors in Cusco, Peru. The trek up to Humantay Lake does take a bit of effort and is rated as moderate on the scale of easy to difficult- but this changes according to how well you have acclimatized beforehand. The end result of being able to stand in the midst of snow-capped mountain peaks, on the edge of a turquoise lake makes it well worthwhile for those who are seeking out natural beauty. Humantay Lake is called Laguna Humantay in Spanish, and it is thought that the Laguna was a sacred area to the Incas. Even today, the lake is a sacred place, often visited by shamans and other spiritual travelers. It is traditional for travelers to leave a small offering called an ‘Apacheta’ at the edge of the lake for the Pachamama (the Incan mother earth). If you would like to join the ritual of making an offering while you visit the lake, then first you must select the rock that you will be leaving as an offering. Thank the Pachamama for your safe arrival to the lake, and ask her to continue to accompany you on your expedition before placing the stone on top of another.


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